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Middle class policy

Michael Negel was appointed Senator of the BvMW registered association in 2007, the appointment was made by the President and the Saxon Prime Minister Professor Biedenkopf. 2012 M. Negel was appointed in European Economic Senate registered association als the Senate of the EMS and the economy Senator by its President Dr. Ingo Friedrich. Likewise M. Negel is long-standing member of the middle-class union of the CSU, the Economic Adviser Bavaria and the East-Asia-Association. As an economic agent, M. Negel participated in a number of trips from top politicians as a delegation member, including Chancellor Merkel, Minister of Economic Affairs Glos, WM Brüderle and World Cup Roesler. Likewise, he participate regularly for his associations “Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business” As well as in parts of Asia economic summits of the German economy , also with other countries (eg, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Poland and others) and the “Business Forum at the German ambassador” of the year the most important German commercial companies.

These activities are voluntary. The focus and the desire is his personal contribution to the German economy as a whole, and especially to the German middle class. In addition, the need is to be close to the “happening” to be a competent and well-informed partner for the business partners of MCA and M. Negel.

Extracts from the Senate and delegation trips can be viewed with a “click”.